“Tout de suite” at your service…
Our videoconferencing / training suite continues to evolve. Other than the lovely new multicolored rug which I adore (because my spouse detests it), we offer a high-speed (wired) internet connection, studio quality audio and video and facilities to play back in-meeting recordings (for training purposes) in real time.
Goosing your on-camera presence takes but a pinch…
We remind you (ad nauseam) that the simplest of techniques will improve your on-camera presence. This, then you present, as well as when you connect as a viewer. Your audience sees you before it hears you and even if you’re not there to be heard, your peers will see you and “size you up”.
Posturing for the office
Let’s face it: from now on, working on camera will be a much sought-after soft skill. That is because the nature of the workplace has drastically morphed in the last seven months. In the Dream Time before COVID, we commuted to work and mingled. Now, the “office” is often just a spot in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or den.
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