Camera work: it ain’t over until the cameras is OFF
Recently a star reporter with the New Yorker magazine exposed more than his story, at the weekly story meeting. As this is COVID time, it was a virtual meeting so this “exposure” was captured live, on camera, much to the dismay and shock of his female and male colleagues. The term we heard was “toxic masculinity”.
2comguys in training mode
2comguys in training mode: So Pierre asks: “What’s the most influential word in business development?” The 80 students on hand for the Fonction conseil en relations publiques, at UQUAM, caught on quick. It’s YOU!
Make the best of your message…etcetera, etcetera
At best, judicious use of the phrase indicates that to you relate to your audience by suggesting that you share an understanding of the subject at hand: “When we purchase fresh produce at the supermarket during the winter months – lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, etcetera – we often forget that these products come from factory farms that are thousands of miles away”.
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