The message experts: coaching, consulting and content stress testing for business and media communications.



CEOs and C-Suite Executives, Corporate Directors, Communications Executives, business-generating Professionals


A proven immersive experience that stress-tests your messaging and boosts your performance, so you lead more effectively, sell complex deals more easily and represent your organization effectively and with impact, to promote and enhance your brand.


As a business executive and leader, you represent your organization and you are the bearer of its message. You put the value of your brand and the success of your career on the line, every time you interact. Our expertise will help you take maximum advantage of your opportunities to engage, while minimizing the risks.

Tell your story effectively, with confidence.
Maximize your success.

Now more than ever, interactive communication is an essential tool for success in business. In the digital age, every corporation and organization is its own media and as a business leader, you are its ambassador. More than 90 percent of your day is spent interacting with colleagues, employees, clients and stakeholders.

Every time you communicate, you commit. It's an opportunity to promote, to engage and to grow. It is also a high-risk exercise. You must do it well - the first time. A thoughtless gesture or remark can jeopardize a project or destroy a career. Studies and experience confirm it: good preparation increases your chances of connecting with and motivating your target audience, by some 80 percent. In business development, those who plan and rehearse their presentations increase their wins by 50 to 60 percent.

2comguys help you to transform your data and decisions into clear, accurate messages and calls to action. You tell powerful stories that promote your brand, you get better buy-in from your teams and you generate higher business win rates.

The testbed for your messages

2comguys offers you a differentiated and essential tool: a testbed for your strategies and your messages. That means we work with you and your marketing and communications specialists, to test your approach and your content in an objective and controlled environment. You reduce the risk of costly real-time miscues. The result is a precisely targeted message, delivered in a powerful and confident way.


Radio, television and print: "Scrum" interviews, in-depth one-on-one interviews, double-end "duplex" interviews (TV), radio interviews, news conferences.


Social media posts and performances, presentations and pitches, critical one-on-one meetings (performance evaluations, interviews), questions and answer sessions, “town halls”, AGMs, change management, business transformations, post-merger integrations.


The 2comguys advantage

Work with professionals. Real professionals.

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National media journalist and business columnist, consultant and manager in public relations and marketing, developer, trainer for medium-sized and multinational corporations.

Pierre D'Amour
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Journalist (TV, radio, print). Expert in media relations, public relations, communications strategies, crisis management, content preparation and presentation.

Yvan Huneault

The "real deal"

2comguys creates a unique immersive experience that fosters learning in action.

We are full-time practitioners of media and business communications.

Our advice is based on real live experiences, enhanced by established and emerging best practices.

We bring you more than 60 years of combined media and business communication experience with private and public corporations and owner-operated businesses, federal, provincial, municipal governments, public and crown corporations.

Be in good company.

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Businesses and organizations

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Workshops and engagements


Your confidants and counsellors

Field-tested approach - Measurable results

Impromptu interviews

Develop the improvisational techniques leaders use to deliver punchy “quotable clips” to answer rapid-fire questions in tight, tough situations.

Planned interviews

Whether in studio or via teleconference, via a press briefing or a live interview; discover how to prepare, structure and deliver a convincing message without compromising your authenticity.

Business presentations

Executives perform an average of 35 presentations per year. Good presenters earn 15 to 20 percent more than their colleagues. Learn the simple winning techniques that give our clients the edge for all kinds of presentations: strategic team meetings, high-stakes face-to-face meetings, sales presentations, teleconferences.

Content preparation

Winning presentations consist of 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent preparation. We help you transform critical data and ideas into simple and effective messages that tell powerful, memorable stories that generate better buy-in and drive action.

Time is of the essence

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