Tell your story effectively with confidence

Maximize your success

Interactive communication is an essential tool for success in business. In the digital age, every corporation and organization is its own media and as a business leader, you are an ambassador. More than 90 percent of your day is spent interacting with colleagues, with employees, with clients, with stakeholders.

Every time you communicate, you commit. It’s an opportunity to promote, to engage and to grow. It’s a high-risk exercise. You must do it well – the first time. A thoughtless gesture or remark can jeopardize a project or destroy a career. Studies and experience confirm it: good preparation increases your chances of connecting with and motivating your target audience, by some 80 percent. In business development, those who plan and rehearse their presentations increase their wins by 50 to 60 percent.

2comguys help you to transform your data and your decisions into clear, accurate messages and calls to action. Powerful stories promote your brand, you get better buy-in from your teams and you generate higher business win rates.

A testbed for your messages

2comguys offers you a differentiated and essential tool: a testbed for your strategies and your messages. We work with you and with your marketing and communications specialists, to test your approach and your content in an objective and controlled environment. You reduce the risk of costly real-time miscues. The result is a precisely targeted message, delivered in a powerful and confident way.


Radio, television, print, “scrum” interviews, in-depth one-on-one interviews, double-ender “duplex” interviews, online video platform interviews, news conferences.


Social media posts and performances, presentations and pitches, critical one-on-one meetings (performance evaluations, interviews), question and answer sessions, town halls, annual general meetings, change management, business transformations, post-merger integrations.