Pierre D’Amour

National media journalist and business columnist, consultant and manager in public relations and marketing, developer, trainer for medium-sized and multinational corporations.

Yvan Huneault

Journalist (TV, radio, print). Expert in media relations, public relations, communication strategies, crisis management, content preparation and presentation.

The “real deal”

2comguys creates a unique immersive experience that fosters learning in action.

We are full-time practitioners of media and business communications.

Our advice is based on experience, enhanced by established and emerging best practices.

We bring you more than 60 years of combined media and business communication ground work with private and public corporations and owner-operated businesses, federal, provincial, municipal governments,

public and crown corporations.

Your confidants and counsellors.

Field-tested methods.

Measurable results.

Enterprises, organizations
Training sessions

Impromptu interviews

Develop the improvisational techniques leaders use to deliver punchy, quotable “clips” to respond to rapid-fire questions in tight, tough situations.

Business presentations

A good presenter earns 15 to 20 percent more than peers. Learn the winning techniques that will give you the edge all manner of presentations: strategic team meetings, high-stakes face-to-face meetings, sales presentations, teleconferences.

Planned interviews

Studio, teleconference, press briefing or live; discover how to prepare, to structure and to deliver a convincing message without compromising your authenticity.

Content preparation

Winning presentations consist of 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent preparation. Transform critical data and ideas into simple and effective messages that tell powerful, memorable stories that generate better buy-in and drive action.